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BHANSA has started providing Flight Information Service (FIS) 24 H

23rd September 2022.

BHANSA has started providing Flight Information Service (FIS) 24 H
In accordance with its strategic plans, BHANSA has improved the provision of services for users of air navigation services in such...
Management and Oversight of Changes [SAF-CHG-INTRO]

27th May 2022.

Management and Oversight of Changes [SAF-CHG-INTRO]
BHANSA in cooperation with EUROCONTROL organized the course - Management and Oversight of Changes [SAF-CHG-INTRO] within the activ...

Words from our managing director

Davorin Primorac BHANSA director

Davorin Primorac,
BHANSA director

After establishing the Agency for the Provision of Air Navigation Services (BHANSA) in 2009, Bosnia and Herzegovina made a clear commitment to the complete takeover of air traffic control above its airspace.

After the transition of the entity Directorate of Civil Aviation ie. The Federal Directorate of Civil Aviation and Directorate of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Srpska, on 1 January 2014, BHANSA took over responsibility for the provision of approach and aerodrome air traffic control with the related services, in controlled zones of Bosnia and Herzegovina international airports in Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo and Tuzla.In the night of 12-13. November 2014, thanks to the implementation of Air Traffic Management Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina... - Read whole statement...

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ATC training centre

Training ground airport

Air Traffic Control with ATC (Air Traffic Control) simulator in Mostar is intended for professional, theoretical and practical training of BHNASA staff, performing operational tasks in the domain of air traffic control. The training is primarily intended for controllers, flight-data assistants and pseudo pilots.

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