Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

In its work, BHANSA Management is governed by the principles of modern corporate governance, with particular emphasis on ongoing professional development of all the employees. Special attention is paid to development of the effective internal procedures, and application of the latest standards in the customer service.

The guiding principle of all activities is responsible business, which is ensured by respecting the law and protecting and developing employees, and their human rights, property and the environment, but also by creating a humane and healthy working environment. In line with industry requirements, BHANSA is making additional efforts to ensure energy efficiency in all its organizational units.

BHANSA supports the freedom of association and collective bargaining between employers and employees. In accordance with the positive legal regulations, there are several active unions within BHANSA including BHANSA Union, Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Traffic Controllers Union, Union of Air Traffic Controllers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Union of Air Traffic Controllers of the Republic of Srpska. In the process of recruiting new staff, BHANSA is governed by the equal opportunities policy for all the candidates, also fully respecting principles of gender equality. Recruitment of young professionals is the priority of the BHANSA’s is employment policy. All the employees are expected to be ready for continuous professional development and for delivering the top professional performance in their everyday work.

By improving the technology of its work, BHANSA is trying to respond to contemporary ecological challenges related to global climate changes. In this sense, there are attempts to influence the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on the air routes under BHANSA control, which is done in cooperation with our partners within the Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE).

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