Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management

The Department of Air Traffic Management – ATM of BHANSA is in charge of providing operational services in the airspace under its jurisdiction.

ATM performs tasks and duties related to:

  1. preparation of implementation-technical documents and other regulations and acts in the field of technology of  work of the area, terminal and the approach  control services,
  2. program definition of training for air traffic controllers and auxiliary aviation personnel,
  3. air traffic planning, organization and use of airspace, civil-military coordination in planning, organization and use of airspace,
  4. analysis, planning, simulation and management of airspace flows,
  5. development of conventional and spatial navigation procedures (PRNAV),
  6. designing of instrumental and visual procedures for flying,
  7. performing of cartographic work for the needs of BHANSA and
  8. managing and analyzing the database on aeronautical obstacles within the jurisdiction of  BHANSA.

Representatives of ATM of BHANSA participate in the coordination and work of expert bodies of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) in the field of Air Traffic Management. 

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