The training center

The training center

The training center

Air Traffic Control with ATC (Air Traffic Control) simulator in Mostar is intended for professional, theoretical and practical training of BHNASA staff , performing operational tasks in the domain of air traffic control. The training is primarily intended for controllers, flight-data assistants and pseudo pilots.

The Centre has:

  • simulator hall with six controller working position (CWP);
  • pseudo-pilot hall with four pseudo pilot working position (PP);
  • server room;
  • multimedia classroom for 20 students.

Equipment DPS ManagAir from manufacturer Indra from Spain and VCS system from manufacturer Frequentis from Austria is installed in the centre.This Equipment is completely identical to the ATM operational system that is installed in the units of Area Control Centre (ACC Area Control Centre) in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. ATC simulator Aircon 2100 placed at the Air Traffic Control Training Centre is a system that is fully equipped to meet the training needs of BHANSA operational staff.

Training Center Activities:

  • Staff training - conversion and continuous training, performance of refresher courses as well as training for unusual situations (Emergency training) of staff involved in the provision of air traffic services, in the Area Control Center (ACC) and the approach (APP) air traffic control. In order to achieve training objectives, controler working position (CWP) and servers on the simulator are identical with the corresponding components of the operating ATM systems.
  • Testing of equipment intended for pilot testing and development. ATC simulator is used as a working platform for the purpose of modifying ie. the upgrading of new features of the operating live ATM system. ATC simulator is a tool that fully match the specified purpose.

ATC simulator is used for testing purposes ie. the validation of equipment for:

  • Validation of software solutions to be applied in the operational work
  • Analysis of the structure of the airspace and its amendments, as well as the introduction of new aircraft types
  • Simulation of changes in the external interfaces with neighboring air traffic control centers
  • Testing of new operational procedures

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