In this form originators enter data and also confirm the authenticity of the sent information. Instructions for filling out the form are available in AIC in which it was published the form too. On the back side of the form are given all information, which must be published according to the requirements of ICAO Annex 15 and in accordance with AIRAC system.
Therefore originators of data shall check for the planned changes in the area of its responsibility, which will result in an amendmen or supplement of  aeronautical information, in the table on the back of the form:
• whether the data is listed in the list of data,which subject to the publication by AIRAC system,
• The date of entry into force of information and appropriate date by which raw data is necessary to submit  to the AIS.
After that, the contact shall be established with the AIS and it shall be arranged the further course of preparation for publication.

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