Director's Statement

Director's Statement

Director's Statement

On January 1, 2014, following the transition of the Entity Civil Aviation Directorates, Federal Civil Aviation Directorate and the Republic of Srpska Civil Aviation Directorate, BHANSA took over responsibility for the provision of approach and aerodrome air traffic control at the airport with associated services in controlled areas of international airports in Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo and Tuzla.

By implementing the Strategy of Air Traffic Management System of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH ATM Strategy) and with the joint efforts of all BHANSA employees, our friends and partners on the night of 12-13 November 2014, we started providing air traffic control services with associated services in the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina up to the height of 10,000 meters (FL 100 to FL 325) from the Operational Unit Sarajevo ATCU I within the Area Control Center (ACC). 

Young team of BHANSA remained optimistic and strong motivated, with a clear goal - to take over the provision of air navigation services in the upper layer of airspace above 10,000 meters (FL 325 - FL 660).

After the successful completion of the largest air traffic controller training project in Europe, which was one of the main preconditions for the start of providing services in the entire airspace, we have invested significant funds in the infrastructure and equipment of the Agency.

After fulfilling all the conditions, we came to the moment that will remain inscribed in golden letters in the history of civil aviation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the night of 4-5 December, 2019, we took over control of air traffic in the upper airspace of BiH, making us the youngest service provider in Europe.

It was an exceptional honor and pleasure to lead this demanding process and a team of young professionals, who never doubted the realization of the set goal towards which we aimed together.

Our plans for 2020 and the following period include the continuation of work on encouraging positive processes with continuous investment in human resources, infrastructure and equipment, all with the aim of maintaining safe, efficient and continuous flow of air traffic in BH airspace, and improving the quality of our services. 

The emergence of the COVID-19 virus, rapidly spreading and causing a global health crisis, has affected every segment of economic activity. The air transport industry is the worst affected and is now going through the worst crisis since its inception. 

The primary goal was to accept, analyze and deal with the sudden situation in the best possible way, which we eventually succeeded. Our Emergency Management Center has monitored and analyzed the available information on a daily basis and used this to develop a strategy to protect the health of employees and ensure the smooth continuation of service delivery. Despite the difficult situation, we have maintained a safe and efficient continuity of service to our customers, ensured the smooth operation of BHANSA and saved the jobs of our employees.

Inevitably, the crisis caused by Covid-19 will bring significant changes in both the behavior of air transport users and the business models of all branches of the aviation industry. We will certainly continue to follow developments closely so that we can respond to dynamic changes in a timely manner, and we are confident that we will emerge from this crisis stronger than we were before the pandemic.

Many thanks to all employees, because together we achieve excellent results, and we remain guided exclusively by the principles of safety, self-sustainability and constant development, and maintaining excellent cooperation with our friends and partners from the country and abroad.


BHANSA Director

Davorin Primorac

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