BHANSA introduced Air Traffic Services Message Handling System (AMHS) in the operational use

BHANSA introduced Air Traffic Services Message Handling System (AMHS) in the operational use

23rd May 2020. | News

BHANSA introduced Air Traffic Services Message Handling System (AMHS) in the operational use

At night 20/21.05.2020. BHANSA has introduced a new ATS Message Handling System - AMHS. It is an advanced aeronautical messaging technology that has replaced the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network - AFTN.

The AMHS system enables the sending and receiving of all types of ground-to-ground aeronautical messages such as flight plans, meteorological messages and NOTAM messages in accordance with the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

In technological terms, the AMHS system is a process of communication system that represents a central point of access to international AMHS networks and data, linking user terminals of operational services and units of BHANSA into the world exchange of data and information. Communication servers are connected to the world network by international connections, in which they are uniquely identified by the label of Bosnia and Herzegovina or the location indicator.

The system consists of standard blocks:

  • AIDA-NG (Aeronautical Integrated Data Agent – Next Generation), fully integrated AFTN / AMHS product for the transfer of messages.
  • CADAS-ATS (COMSOFT Aeronautical Data Access System - Air traffic Services) -the system supports the operation of user terminals of AFTN and user terminals of AMHS User Agent, in parallel, allowing the transition from AFTN to AMHS.
  • CADAS-IMS (COMSOFT Aeronautical Data Access System - information and service management) enables the sophisticated functionality of the International NOTAM Office, including automated procedures, user guidelines and validation of input data, the ability of office operations, service briefing and a static database.
  • CNMS (COMSOFT Network Management System), a network management system that allows monitoring of all system components.
  • CCMS (COMSOFT Configurations Management Suite) which is a web tool for easily configuring of the AMHS system environment.

Given the importance of continuous and secure flow of aeronautical messages, AMHS system within BHANSA is designed to consist of a location-separated redundant operating system (OPS), contingency system (CONT) and a training system and testing (TRAINING/TEST).

During the implementation of the project of introducing of AMHS into the operational use, excellent cooperation was achieved with the equipment manufacturer - Frequentis COMSOFT GmbH with which, after the public procurement procedure, the contract was concluded on March 29, 2019. Training of BHANSA employees was conducted and procedures for maintenance and use of new AMHS equipment were established.

During the implementation of the project, an air navigation system safety assessment was conducted, adopted by Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) by its Decision.


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