BHANSA has introduced new forecast product - еGAFOR

BHANSA has introduced new forecast product - еGAFOR

20th May 2021. | News

BHANSA has introduced new forecast product - еGAFOR

BHANSA started issuing eGAFOR forecasts as of May 20, 2021 at 02:00 UTC.  

eGAFOR forecast for the recommended VFR routes can be found on the following website: 

Given that low-level flights (LLF), considering safety, are the most sensitive part of aviation to which various unharmonious meteorological products are available, the eGAFOR project idea is based on the cooperation of MET service providers (METSPs) in Central and South-eastern Europe with the aim of providing a harmonious MET product for a flight planned in the area covering several countries.  

The future MET product, eGAFOR forecast, will be issued in a harmonized way. Forecasters at neighbouring Meteorological Watch Offices (MWOs) will harmonise their eGAFOR forecasts on common sections of routes at FIR borders, for the same period of validity which will be eventually available to the users at one place.  

MET service providers participating in this project are, besides BHANSA – Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency, also and: ARSO – Slovenian Environment Agency, CCL - Croatia Control Ltd., SMATSA d.о.о. – Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services, OMSZ – Hungarian Meteorological Service, ROMATSA - Romanian Аir Тraffic Services Аdministration and SHMU – Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute. IBL Software Engineering participates as an industry partner. 

With the goal of the project in mind, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), a body of the European Commission, recognised the value of the eGAFOR Project through CEF Transport Cell 2016 and the EU funded it with 85 %. 

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