Air Traffic Management

BHANSA’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) Department is responsible for providing operational services in the airspace under its jurisdiction.

ATM performs tasks and duties related to:

• development of technical documents and other regulations and acts in the field of technology of work in en-route, terminal and approach air traffic control

• defining training program for air traffic controllers and aeronautical support staff

• planning of air traffic

• organization and use of airspace

• civil-military coordination in the planning, organization and use of air traffic

• analysis, planning, simulation and management of air traffic flow

• making conventional and spatial (PRNAV) navigation procedure

• designing of instrumental and visual procedures for flying

• performing cartographic work necessary BHANSA-e

• conducting and analysis of a database of aviation obstacles in the jurisdiction of BHANSA


Representatives of BHANSA’s ATM participate in the coordination and work of expert bodies of the European organization for air safety (EUROCONTROL) in the field of air traffic management.

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