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Information on the Public Announcement for filling vacancies for an indefinite and definite period of time in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency

We inform candidates who have applied to the Public Announcement, that the Commission has finished reviewing of the submitted documentation with the applications. All candidates will be informed about the status of their application.

Written examination of the candidates will be carried out at the location of High School "Logos Center" in Mostar, Bišće polje bb, 88100 Mostar on date 11.03.2016. About the exact time of testing, the applicants will be informed via e-mail or post, so candidate shall regularly check their mails.

The written part of the test consists of 12 questions for each position, namely: from the Law on the Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency, Statute of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency, Aviation Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as from law and subordinate legislation relating to the special conditions and a description of each position individually. All candidates will be informed on the results of the written part of the test, in writing form. Candidates who will achieve 8 or more correct answers will be invited to an interview in the term on which they will be informed later.

Candidates are are obliged to bring on the test some identification with a photo, without which he will not be able to access testing and pen. It is prohibited to carry with you any documentation, books, etc., and it is vorbidden the using of mobile phones and similar electronic devices for data transfer and storage too. Candidates who will use the above mentioned, will be removed from the test without warning.

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