Air Traffic Safety

The main objective of BHANSA's safety policy of air navigation is to minimize the risk of aircraft accidents and incidents during the providing of services.

In its work, BHANSA particularly emphasizes the safety of air navigation, in relation to commercial pressures or restrictions. In the Safety Policy Statement of BHANSA's air navigation states that safety is one of its basic business functions. All levels of management, as well as all BHANSA employees, are responsible for achieving the highest level of air navigation safety.

BHANSA's Safety Office is responsible for performing the activities and tasks related to the establishment and maintenance of the Safety Management System (SMS). In order to achieve the set safety objectives for air navigation, BHANSA has established a Safety Management System (SMS) that implements activities that are systematically identified and implemented to achieve an acceptable level of safety.

Safety Committee (SC) is BHANSA's highest authority on air navigation, which at strategic level considers all relevant issues, monitors implementation and measures taken to improve air navigation at the organization level.

The Safety Coordinators (SCo) and Safety Specialists (SS) who cooperate with the Safety Office of air navigation regarding the implementation of Safety Management System of the air navigation, are acting in the BHANSA's organizational structure.

Safety Management System of BHANSA is based on the application of laws and regulations of BiH, which are in line with the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and European Union regulations.

The basic, reference subordinate legislation is the Rulebook on the Establishment of General and Special Requirements for the Provision of Air Navigation Services ("Official Gazette of BiH", No. 101/15 and 21/17), establishing the general and specific requirements for the provision of air navigation services in the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina to ensure the safe, regular and efficient operation of air traffic services.

BHANSA has launched an iFlight application which can be accessed via the link:


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