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FAB CE is established within the framework of a joint initiative of seven countries (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech, Croatian, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia) and air navigation services providers in the Central Europe. The Agreement among the Member States has been signed in 2011 and BiH joined on 5 May 2011.

The establishment of nine functional blocks (FABs) of the European airspace is part of the initiative for creating the Single European Sky (SES). The aim of the initiative is creating single European airspace, independent of national borders, with a focus on improving safety, cost effectiveness, increasing capacities and reducing delays in the air traffic. The Single European Sky, among other things, includes cross-border service i.e. providing services in another state’s airspace, and market competition of the air navigation services providers in Europe, exclusively based on the efficiency criteria. SES is currently the most important initiative being implemented by the European Commission (EC) in the air traffic in Europe.

Among the most important tasks in cooperation of the air navigation services providers within FAB CE, is a creation of a joint five-year Performance Plan, which includes the management of air traffic safety, capacities, environment and costs. Cooperation is also carried out in other areas such as training of the air traffic controllers, optimization of services aimed to increase the efficiency, harmonization within the process of technical systems modernization in accordance with the requirements of interoperability and alike.



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