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Flight Information services of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIS) unified with Rescue Coordination Centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRCC) is operational and technical service that administratively unifies tasks of two sets of works in the area of provision of air navigation services:


• informing the aircraft in flight - ATS (Air Traffic Services)from flight information centre

• Rescue Coordination Centre activities on the management and coordination of search and

   Rescue (Search and Rescue or SAR)


Service is located in the premises of Air Traffic Control Unit in Banja Luka (ATCU II).


Flight Information Services are part of operational air traffic services for the purpose of providing advice and information, needed for safe, regular and efficient flying in the Flight Information Region- FIR Sarajevo. Flight Information Services are provided to all aircrafts to which this information affects , ie. for all flights with whom a radio-communication is established or they are otherwise connected with the Flight Information Centre.


Flight Information Centre (FIC) provides users with the following services:


  • Weather information (SIGMET and AIRMET),
  • Information about current traffic and the dangers of a possible collision in relation to other aircrafts
  • Information on changes and limitations in the use of radio navigation aids
  • Information on changes in the condition of the airports (if they are covered with snow, ice or under the water) as well as the means and devices at the airport
  • Information on the use of airspace for the purpose of parachuting, sailing, acrobatic, anti-hail and other activities that are using specific airspace
  • Information on the release of radioactive or toxic substances into the atmosphere,
  • Information on other activities that may affect on safety of  air traffic :



The main role of  Rescue Coordination Centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRCC) is that in the case of extraordinary aviation events shall receive and evaluate information, make a decision on initiating, lead and coordinate with search and rescue operations.


BHRCC is a functional part of the search and rescue of Bosnia and Herzegovina, consisting of:

• helicopter rescue unit

• terrestrial rescue units and teams

• organizations that provide air navigation services

• certified airport,

• operators or the aircraft operators,

• persons who are employed in aviation or airports and other aviation facilities.



FIS BiH/FIC Banja Luka


Airport Banja Luka

78250 Laktaši

Telefon: + 387 51 337 561






Airport Banja Luka

78250 Laktaši

Tel: + 387 51 337 563, 337 564,337 564, 337 565

Fax: + 387 51 337 566

Short SAR No (non-geographical) 1262


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