Meteorological watch office

The Meteorological Oversight of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHMET) is responsible for tasks and duties relating to the operational provision of services in order to ensure the meteorological air traffic for the purposes of en route operations (LOWER, UPPER) and layer of free flight in the Flight Information Region -  FIR Sarajevo. Also, BHMET is responsible for the operational functioning of the Meteorological Watch Office Department -MWO Banja Luka and connection with departments for aviation meteorology (MET offices) at airports.

In order to improve the safety, regularity and efficiency of air navigation services, BHANSA provides aviation meteorological services in accordance with  regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO- Annex 3).


Meteorological Air Navigation Services, that BHANSA provides are including:

• aeronautical-meteorological observing and reporting

• continuous monitoring of meteorological conditions at airports

• aeronautical-meteorological forecasts and warnings

• briefing, consultations and preparation of flight documentation

• providing of the necessary meteorological information for airplane users

• exchange of meteorological information

• continuous VHF VOLMET broadcasting and surveillance


BHMET services are used by:

• operators of air transport

• flight crew

• Units of Air Traffic Services

• Units for Search and Rescue

• Administration of airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

• other entities interested in performance or development of air traffic



MWO  Banja


Tel:  + 387 51 337 573

Fax + 387 51 337 571

E-mail: mwo.banjaluka@bhansa.gov.ba 

Frequency VOLMET:  135,775 MHz

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