Surveillance System

Air Traffic Services Surveillance System, provided by BHANSA is in accordance with state legislature, standards of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the recommended practice and regulation of EUROCONTROL.

BHANSA currently disposes with one Primary Surveillance Radar and two Secondary Surveillance Radar. Systems including the trained staff and stated regulative, provide regular, accurate and reliable information on the position of aircraft in the Area of Responsibility of Area Control Center and Approach Control Unit.

Primary Surveillance Radar is located at the airport in Sarajevo and has a role of ensuring radar approach control services to the airport and to help to the units of Area Control Center Sarajevo in its area of responsibility .This radar also provides weather surveillance for the needs of Approach Control, at the Sarajevo Airport.

Secondary Surveillance Radars are mono-pulse type of radar (MSSR), and they are equipped to provide Mode S Elementary Surveillance (ELS). They are located so that they can monitor Terminal Maneuvering Area (TMA) -Sarajevo and Flight Information Region (FIR) Sarajevo in en-route airspace.

In order to satisfy the required security surveillance of air traffic in the Flight information Region –Sarajevo there are used radar data of the adjacent ANSP – Air Navigation Service Provider from the Croatia and Serbia.

Liabilities of the BHANSA Aviation Technical Staff, engaged in providing of the surveillance services are implementation of tasks of the advanced systems and technology work and continuous operation in order to fulfil common objectives of FAB CE and adjacent air navigation service providers.

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