The legal basis

Law on Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency ("Official Gazette of BiH", no. 43/09) established BHANSA as non-profitable and financially independent institution, with the status of a legal person.

The Agency is registered as a legal entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina and registered in the Register of Legal Entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the state Ministry of Justice, in accordance with the Law on Registration of Legal Entities Established by the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina ("Official Gazette of BiH", no. 37/03)

Law on Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency regulates the scope of its work, internal organization, management, and means for work, employee’s status, as well as the general acts and other issues significant for the operations of BHANSA.

In its work BHANSA is governed by the relevant international conventions and laws (Chicago Convention), and applicable state legislation, defined by the Law on Aviation of Bosnia and Herzegovina ("Official Gazette", No. 39/09).

In accordance with the Law, BHANSA is governed by its Management and The Council of the Agency.

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