BHANSA Council

The Council of the Agency of BHANSA is appointed for a five-year mandate by the Council of Ministers of BiH, after proposal of the Minister of Communications and Transport. The scope of work of the Council of the Agency of BHANSA shall include, inter alia, supervision of the operations and performance of the Management, the adoption of the Statute (with approval of the Council of Ministers), proposition of annual work and the financial plan, as well as the adoption of the Regulation on internal organization and classification of work positions.

Members of the current Council of the Agency are:


  • Radivoje Pajicrepresentative of the Ministry of Communications and Transport
  • Slaven Hrkacrepresentative of the Ministry of Defense
  • Dado Saricrepresentative of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury
  • Dragana Beslacrepresentative of the Government of Republic of Srpska
  • Edhem Bicakcicrepresentative of the Government of the Federation
  • Haris Medosevicrepresentative of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA)


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